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Business Strategy

Every organisation at one time or another has to make the really big decisions. Sometimes these decisions are forced on an organisation from outside - sometimes the pressure comes from within. Sooner or later all businesses go through a period of lessened vitality and need to generate fresh impetus and follow a new direction. The strategic plan helps the company to identify its direction and addresses the most important things that the organisation must get right if it is to prosper in the future.

  • Business Review
    To get you thinking about the strategic issues facing your business, we can undertake a short form strategic review. It can be used to address the first stage of the strategic planning process.

  • The Strategic Plan
    The essence of a strategic plan is to evaluate the current position of the business, determine where you would like it to be, and work out a strategy for achieving that objective. There are various business tools available to help the process.

  • The Organisation
    As a business grows and evolves, the organisation structure tends to expand but not in a controlled or planned fashion. Problems arise when the lines of reporting and job responsibilities become unclear. We can take an objective view of the organisation structure and the personnel involved. We can make recommendations on improvements to the structure and job definitions that will maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

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