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About Us

Our Track Record
The following is a sample of the projects and deals that we have worked on over the last few years:

Logistics & distribution: having developed the strategic plan for this company it was clear that they needed to achieve economies of scale. We worked with the MD to effect an acquisition (deal price circa 1.5 million) which helped to double the organisation's turnover to 30 million and significantly improve its profitability.

Fresh produce: we worked with this organisation for several years to help expand its facilities, enabling it to grow from under 20 million turnover to over 70 million. We worked closely in conjunction with the FD and their bankers to agree suitable loan arrangements with appropriate banking covenants.

Information services: with the appointment of a new chairman, this substantial private company with several independently trading subsidiary companies needed to develop a cohesive strategic plan. We helped pull together a plan which ultimately led to a disposal of the entire organisation for over 100 million.

Global Positioning Systems: we were advising a buy-in candidate who was supporting an MBO team looking to acquire a specialist GPS solutions provider from a French technology company for circa 750 k. We helped in negotiating the terms and structuring of the transaction for the benefit of the MBI candidate.

Waste management: we advised the MBO team on the acquisition of this market leader. The final deal was for nearly 15 million funded through a mixture of debt and equity, which was provided by 3i. The business was so successful that it was acquired within 18 months for double the price paid by the MBO team.

Systems developer: in a deal worth circa 5 million we advised the vendors on the sale of the company to a Swedish corporation. The transaction involved detailed earn-out provisions with ratchets dependent on performance. We also advised on the appropriateness of the required warranties and indemnities.

Franchisor and retailer: having worked with an MBI candidate for a number of months to identify potential bid targets, we were able to create a new operation from scratch using a combination of the entrepreneur's own funds, a bank loan under the Loan Guarantee Scheme, and business angel finance.

Systems integrator: the management team for this business had an exceptional track record but needed additional funding. We were able to recommend new asset based finance providers in conjunction with arranging 750 k of new equity capital which was provided by a Venture Capitalist using their VCT fund.


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